Why Use Our Key Safe?

There are many reasons why we stand out among many others. The biometric key safe and key management system
offered by Keys For Now PTY Ltd is more secure than any other electronic key safe.

Unique Design

More secure than any other electronic key safe

100% Secure

Keys stored safely and issued to only select staff

Advanced Reporting

With credible historic records of the key movements


With instant information as to who has a specific key at any time

Remote Access

With the capability of remote managerial access

Auto Email

Auto system generated email at the end of the day listing keys not returned to the safe

Who We are?

Keys for Now PTY Ltd. has developed and patented a unique secure storage device suitable for keys and other items of high value that need to be controlled. Software was also developed to enable management to view and print reports from a remote PC in order to manage keys systematically. The Key Safe is 500mm square and 1700mm high and stores 160 keys.

All our units are manufactured at our own owned premises by skilled and trained technicians. After transparent consultation and careful consideration your key control needs are crystallised and incorporated into a superior solution to minimise your risk and increase your control.

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The Keys For Now PTY Ltd Key Vault was developed in order to improve on existing key storage device and management systems. Many competitor systems suffer from the same weakness in that an authorised user for any key opens a hatch or door so that that user may touch any of the keys in the vault, even if they are not authorised to draw that key. With little force unauthorised keys may be stolen.

The KeysForNow Key Vault is superior since it safely stores all the keys in a steel safe. Any authorised user may only draw authorised keys, and those keys are presented in a rotating vault so that all remaining keys remain safely in the steel safe. At no stage can an authorised user touch or see keys that they are not authorised to access.

Various useful reports can be accessed on the safe via the touch screen and printed via WiFi network. Remote desktop software is also available which enables management remote access to the safe in order to view and print reports. Typical useful reports include a list of all the keys in the safe as well as a list of all the keys outside the safe.

Historic data can also easily be reported such as which user had a particular key on a historic date and time. Multiple dropdown menu`s enable management to print a large variety of configurations of reports.


Keys For Now PTY Ltd has developed all the intellectual property required to develop and manufacture the safe, including the engineering drawings, software, firmware and PC boards. International patents have been filed using the PCT route with initial examination in Austria.

Keys For Now PTY Ltd manufactures all steel components as well as certain electronic PCB. The balance of the purchased components such as electric motors and drives are stocked in sufficient quantities so that support technicians have ample stock to affect repairs. Faults that rarely may present are easily found, and fixed in short periods of time. The system is stable and existing clients experience hassle free operations.

The Keys For Now software was created by our own design engineers and as such support remains in house. Backup and restoring the database is a simple process, and future software upgrades are compatible with the current database.

Many companies by their nature have to control and deal with a lot of keys. There are many problems associated with the primitive systems.

The biometric key safe and key management system offered by Keys For Now PTY Ltd is more secure than any other electronic key safe. Authorised users can select and retrieve only the keys that they have authorisation for. Key movement data is then linked with their name, and in this process they cannot see or touch any of the other keys in storage.


We were so impressed with the key management system offered by Keysfornow that we ordered one. In fact, two weeks later we ordered another two.

- Lourens Du Plessis - Mc Marthy Mercedes Lifestyle Centre Menlyn

The key storage and management system offered by Keysfornow has resulted in vast on-site improvements in key control at many of our branches. Our vehicle control in the stock yard has also improved. We recommend the product and service received.

- Leide Van Zyl - Regional Risk Manager Gauteng Bidvest Mc Carthy

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